Happy 102nd Birthday Retired SPD Sgt Woody Meek!

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February 7, 2018
Newspaper photos of Sgt Meeks

Happy 102nd Birthday Retired SPD Sergeant Woody Meek!

On January 23rd, 2018 retired Salinas Police Sergeant Woody Meek celebrated his 102nd birthday!  He joined the Salinas Police Department in 1948 and retired in the mid-1970s.  Sgt. Meek currently resides in Cottonwood California.  On his birthday, SPD had the local Sheriff’s department in the area he lives send a deputy sheriff to his house to personally wish Sgt. Meek a happy birthday.  Staff also spoke with Sgt. Meek on the telephone to wish him a happy birthday from the men and women of the Salinas Police Department.  Sgt. Meek was very appreciative for being remembered and thought of on his birthday by his former department.  While on the phone, Sgt. Meek told some great stories about the history of Salinas PD.  When Sgt. Meek started in 1948, the Salinas Police Department was a wooden structure at the corner of W. Gabilan St and Lincoln Ave.  It had a bell tower on top of the building with a red light on the very top.  This was before the days of officers having a communications radio in their vehicle or on their belt.  The red light would be illuminated so officers in the field would be alerted that they had a call pending.  Sgt. Meek said there were other red lights in the city that would also alert the officers working that particular area that they had a call.  When the officers saw the red light on, that would prompt them to go to the nearest call box and phone the police station to get the details on their call.  Sgt. Meeks modernized this system by making a list of all the call box numbers throughout the city.  These call boxes would be rung by the station with the hopes that the officer in that beat would hear the box ringing and answer the phone.  This process made for quicker response times!