Law Enforcement Career Day Held at North Salinas High

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November 28, 2018

Law Enforcement Career Day Held at North Salinas High

On Thursday November 15, North Salinas High School held a Law Enforcement Career Day at the school’s Career Center. Mr. Brian Preble, Career Counselor at NSH organized this very successful event, which he plans to make an annual event.

Salinas Police Department, Monterey County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol and Monterey County Probation officers participated and shared their unique experiences in performing their daily duties and career paths. Students heard testimony from officers with one year to thirty years of experience which resulted in very interesting conversation.

Mr. Preble was very pleased with the interaction between students and law enforcement officers. Many students wish to take their interest in a career in law enforcement further by applying to become members of our Explorer Post.

In showing his appreciation to the officers who participated, Mr. Preble said, “Thank you for sacrificing and sharing your testimonies in the law enforcement career panel at North Salinas High School yesterday. You arrived in full force, going above and beyond, providing more than what was expected. All was highly informative and motivational. Bravo!”

Representing the Salinas Police Department were officers Katherine Raby, Seth Morten, Carlos Rios, Tyler Provost and PIO Miguel Cabrera. We had a great time Vikings, thanks for having us!