Officer David Poulin Selected Officer of the Quarter

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News Date: 
May 30, 2018

"Working in partnership with the people of Salinas to enhance the quality of life through the delivery of professional, superior and compassionate police services to the community" is the mission statement of the Salinas Police Department.  Officer David Poulin was selected as Officer of the Quarter, he exemplifies these values on a daily basis, and serves as a role model for others. 

He consistently works in East Salinas, an area in which he grew up in and to this day has close personal contacts. Officer Poulin transitioned quickly and seamlessly after leaving the Detective Bureau, bringing a wealth of experience to his new assignment, experience that he is always willing to share with his peers. He is one of the top statistical producers on the shift for the first quarter, in spite of returning to patrol in mid-February. The quantity of work, tells only a small part of the story.

Officer Poulin maintains the highest level of professionalism in all of his interactions, whether with the public or with his peers.  He treats everyone he encounters with dignity and respect. One example of his professionalism was a recent interaction caught on YouTube. In this interaction, Officer Poulin maintained his composure and professionalism throughout the encounter. Many people who viewed the recording left positive comments about Officer Poulin being a good example of how an officer should handle such a situation.

Officer Poulin is a compassionate individual, and it shows in his work. In March, he responded to a medical call where a juvenile was caught disposing of pharmaceutical pills in a trash can. When confronted, the juvenile pretended to swallow the remaining pills and left before medical could evaluate him. While interviewing the juvenile, he discovered there were family issues and was living in a dysfunctional environment. Officer Poulin cited the juvenile, however based on his recognition of the circumstances he recommended the case be forwarded to Monterey County Behavioral Health and the Juvenile Probation Department for an alternative disposition, in an effort to get the juvenile resources or assistance needed.

Professional, superior and compassionate police service is what Officer David Poulin provides on a daily basis. It is for these reasons Officer Poulin is well deserving of recognition as Officer of the Quarter.