Salinas PD Continues Homeless Outreach

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News Date: 
January 13, 2021

There has been a considerable amount of concern expressed recently regarding the Salinas Police Department’s interaction with the homeless community. The police department has a Homeless Outreach Officer (HOT), Gabe Carvey, whose daily duty is to be a resource to the city’s homeless and assist them in getting into available services by acting as a conduit between them and various service providers.

Officer Gabe Carvey leads a group of officers that comprise the Homeless Outreach Team which is having a significant impact on homeless issues within the city of Salinas.  The Homeless Outreach Team continues to collaborate in partnership with faith-based, county, and private sector service providers to deal with our most problematic homeless issues.  The Homeless Outreach Team has been collaborating with various agencies such as Adult Protective Services, Behavioral Health, Veterans Transition Center, Coalition of Homeless Service Providers, Dorothy’s Place and Interim just to name a few and they meet periodically to address and find solutions to the most pressing issues.

Officer Carvey works with providers and the homeless five days a week and has had tremendous success and has received countless appreciative comments from those that he has helped. Over the last two years of our program, we have enjoyed a good deal of success. COVID-19 has slowed our progress but not our desire to make a positive impact for everyone in the community. KION News recently spent the day with our Officer Carvey and reported on his work. You can watch the piece here:

Area cleanups are conducted by the Public Works Department of the City of Salinas. The police department is present at those cleanups to keep the peace and to ensure that applicable rules and laws (to include public health directives related to COVID-19 protocols) are followed by both city personnel and those that are impacted.

What some refer to as “sweeps” are actually public health cleanups in our current circumstances that are intended to mitigate potential disease outbreaks for our entire community. During the current pandemic, the homeless are allowed to immediately return after the cleanup is completed.

You can find more information regarding the public works cleanup activity at: