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News Date: 
March 10, 2020


During the last couple of weeks Salinas Police Department has seen an increase in reports of fraud and unfortunately some victims have come forward reporting losses into the thousands of dollars. Most of these SCAMS target vulnerable members of our community like our senior citizens.

There are too many current scams going around to list them all. Many have similarities that should raise RED FLAGS, these include:

Unsolicited calls from utility companies, Social Security, IRS, debt collection services, law enforcement and those claiming to be family members who have been arrested or those who claim they have kidnaped a family member.

Requests for withdrawing large amounts of cash or paying for debts by use of Gift Cards.

Telling you not to let anyone know about taking money out of the bank.

Requesting to send money or gift cards by priority overnight mail or by Fed Ex

Anyone asking to cash checks with large sums in exchange for a large amount of money.

Please keep in mind that government agencies and companies that conduct legitimate business will send mail regarding anything dealing with your account, usually certified mail. You know what bills you have or have not paid; in case an alleged collection agency calls you. No Government Agency or legitimate business would ever request any bill or debt to be paid by Gift Cards

Should you receive a call regarding a family member allegedly arrested, kidnaped or in financial trouble keep in mind that if the person was truly in trouble they would be the one to call you directly and it would be wise to verify any information with other family members or friends.

Salinas PD recommends you never provide personal information to anyone over the phone especially if you did not call that person. If it sounds like a scam, it’s probably a scam. Hang up and do not engage in conversation. If necessary, contact your local law enforcement agency. Salinas Police Department number is 758-7321. BE CAUTIOUS!