Violence Suppression Unit End of Summer Deployments Report

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News Date: 
October 17, 2018

On September 28, 2018 during a press conference, Chief Fresé presented an end of summer report on the Violence Suppression Unit (VSU) deployments and discussed the recently formed Violence Suppression Task Force. During this 90 day directed enforcement period VSU, local, state and federal partners arrested over one hundred suspects, confiscated multiple firearms and sizable quantities of narcotics.

 The following statistics are the result of the VSU summer deployments. There were 87 surveillances and 353 searches conducted, $34,249 in asset forfeiture seized. There were 127 arrests made including two murder suspects. There were 68 firearms confiscated including 50 from one suspect supplying weapons to gangs.

The following quantities of narcotics were also seized during the summer long deployments. Three quarters of a pound of meth, over three quarters of a pound of heroin, eighty grams of cocaine, one hundred seven pounds of marijuana and 1.6 gallons of concentrated cannabis.

The Violence Suppression Task Force will continue violence suppression efforts on an ongoing basis throughout the city of Salinas.