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2021 Chip Seal Improvements

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Project Location:

Various street throughout the City

Project Background:

The City of Salinas manages approximately 290 centerline miles of road  network. It is recommended that pavements receive low-cost maintenance every 5-7 years to avoid higher repair/replacement costs in later years. The City's Pavement Management System (PMS) was used to identify current City streets in good condition to receive a chip seal treatment with a tire rubber modified surface seal (TRMSS). Chip seals typically have a lifespan of 5-7 years. The most recent citywide surface seal project was completed in 2019.

Striping on the selected arterial and collector streets will be updated to clear intersection sight lines and make necessary safety improvements to reduce vehicle collisions and to align with goals for the City's General Plan, Active Transportation Plan, and Vision Zero.  On arterials where speeds and volumes are higher, on-street parking is generally not desirable because it obstructs sight lines and creates higher collision potential.

To achieve the recommended safety improvements, the City is converting 4-lane undivided arterials with on-street parking to 4-lane divided arterials without on-street parking and installing two-way left turn lanes.  Streets without sufficient road width to allow for parking will either be striped with a shoulder or a bike lane and on-street parking will be removed.

The following streets will incur loss of on-street parking due to safety improvements:  E. Rossi Street - westbound lane; N. Sanborn Road (from Garner Ave to Del Monte Ave) - all on-street parking; Abbott Street (from John Street to E. Romie Lane) All on-street parking.

Project Timeline:

Summer 2021 through Fall 2021*

*weather permitting.

Project Cost/Funding:

Estimated total cost is $1 million. The project is funded with a combination of Measure X, Measure X Bond, and California Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation funds.

  • 2021 Chip Seal Project
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  • 2021 Chip Seal Schedule TBD