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Alvin Drive Safe Routes to School

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  • Schematic for planned changes on E. Alvin Dr. near Natividad Elementary

Project Location:

Alvin Drive between Main Street and Natividad Road; Linwood Drive, Maryal Drive and Chaparral Street. 

Project Background:

The City of Salinas has been awarded a grant to make improvements along Alvin Drive and Linwood Drive that will support safe travels to school. The project transforms Alvin Drive and Linwood Drive into a multi-modal “complete street” corridor, providing/installing bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Roadway enhancements include the reduction of vehicular travel lanes from 4 lanes to lanes (road diet) and addition of buffered bicycle lanes on Alvin Drive between Main Street and Natividad Road. It also includes the addition of bicycle lanes, bicycle lanes, or sharrows on Linwood Drive, Maryal Drive and Chaparral Street. The project provides pedestrian ramps and crosswalks at key locations along Alvin Drive, Linwood Drive, and Maryal Drive. The project will also include the installation of a traffic signal at Alvin Drive and El Dorado Drive. 

Project Update:

Input from residents were received during the October 2016 and September 2017 community meetings. Staff will meet with the community again in the upcoming months for another update. 

Project Timeline:

Construction is estimated to begin in August 2019.