Salinas to Build New Traffic Signals at Alvin Drive

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News Date: 
July 27, 2020

The City will be constructing two new traffic signals along Alvin Drive, which is intended to enhance safety at the intersections of Alvin Drive with Linwood Drive and El Dorado Drive.   The new traffic signals will be coordinated to provide smooth movement of traffic along Alvin Drive.  An important safety is that the new signals will provide gaps in traffic to allow for safe turning movements of cars to and from the side streets.

The signals will also have pedestrian countdowns that display the number of seconds left to cross the street prior to conflicting vehicular traffic being permitted to enter the intersection. With the new signals will come new pedestrian ramps at the crossing areas and very visible crosswalks that better mark pedestrian crossing locations.  The new signals will have improved detection technologies that recognize both vehicles and bicyclists waiting for a green light. The phases will be optimized for efficient movement of vehicles at the intersections. These signals are estimated to cost approximately $700,000 each.  Construction on the traffic signals may start in early 2021. 

The traffic signals are part of the Alvin Drive Safe Routes to School Project, a project that aims to get residents traveling to nearby schools safely there and safely home.

Salinas Supporting Safe Routes to Schools

The Alvin Drive and Linwood Drive Safe Routes to School project aims to enhance the safety of all users along the East Alvin Drive (between North Main Street and Natividad Road), Linwood Drive, Chaparral Street (between Linwood Drive and Maryal Drive), and Maryal Drive by implementing complete street elements. The benefits of complete streets include:

· Improved safety for all users, regardless of their mode of transportation;

· Encourages more walking and bicycling, fostering a healthier, more active community;

· Reduce greenhouse gas production and improved air quality; and

 ·Livable communities.

To learn more information about the Alvin Drive and Linwood Drive Safe Routes to School Project, please visit the project webpage: