East Market Safe Routes to School - Project Update

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Project Location:

Along East Market Street between Sanborn Road and Williams Road, within the Safe Routes to School for both Fremont Elementary and El Sausal Middle School.

Project Description:

Below are components of the project described with more details.

  • Road Diet: Roadway restriping to reduce the number of vehicle travel lanes on East Market from 4 lanes to 2 lanes between Eucalyptus Drive and Midway Avenue
  • Class II and IV Bike Lanes: Installation of painted bike lanes with buffers for additional separation from vehicle travel lanes on the north and south sides of East Market Street
  • Intersection Traffic Control Improvements: All way stop intersection at two locations, (1) E. Market & Eucalyptus and (2) E. Market and Towt, were improved to include traffic signals, high visibility crosswalks, and bulb-outs at each corner of the intersections
  • Bulb-outs: The construction of bulb-outs in front of Fremont Elementary school at the intersections of East Market Street / 2nd Avenue and East Market Street / Quilla Street. Bulb-outs were also included at the two intersections as noted above.  Bulb outs or curb extensions shorten crossing distances and therefore the time a pedestrian is on the roadway
  • Crosswalks: Installed a high visibility mid-block crosswalk which provides access across Market Street to Fremont Elementary School
  • ADA Compliance: The existing sidewalks throughout the project area were upgraded with ADA compliant pedestrian access ramps

Project Update:

Construction for the E. Market Safe Routes to School Project is complete. The project implements complete streets principles, which means that the design considers all users of the street instead of the traditional focus on moving as a priority.  Complete streets best practices addresses concerns of safety, high speeds, and having little or no alternative choices for travel; concerns that are associated with a traditional car-centric roadway design. This project reduces the number of vehicle travel lanes from 4-lanes to 2-lanes to create bicycle lanes. With the assistance of the Monterey County Health Department, education will be provided to the community on how to fully benefit from these project improvements.

Project Cost:

Project was funded with $1.3 million in State funds and $235,000 in City funds, for a total project cost of $1.5 million