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News Date: 
May 7, 2021

We promised to keep you informed about the Main Street Streetscape Project and have been providing Updates each week to help assure that businesses and the public had information about what to expect during construction in the Downtown area, and to let everyone know what progress was being made during the construction work.  Thank you to everyone for patience and understanding over these multiple months! 

The project is now in the final phase.  Major construction tasks in all blocks of Downtown have been completed with the exception of "finishing work" that does not impede vehicle or pedestrian access, and reconstruction of the Main/San Luis intersection which is awaiting a permit from Caltrans to be able to perform this last added element of roadway work.

Once the Caltrans permit is provided, reconstruction of the Main/San Luis intersection will require temporary closure of the 300 block between John Street and San Luis.  Main Street traffic will be detoured at John Street and parking will be limited at the end of the 300 block to allow for a U-turn at the end of the block while the intersection construction is in progress.  Signal work at the intersection is now complete and the signal is fully functional.

Now that most work is done, we plan to provide the Update every two (2) weeks instead of on a weekly basis; however, we will let you know with a special Update notice as soon as the Caltrans permit is received and the Main/San Luis reconstruction work can be scheduled.  Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We truly are in this together!

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