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Measure X Project Inventory

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  • Projects Funded By Measure X

  • North Main St Intersection

  • E Alvin/Linwood/Maryal Routes

  • Vibrancy Plan Infrastructure

  • Slurry Seal Improvements 

  • Bardin Road Safe Routes to School

Measure X Projects:

The Transportation Safety and Investment Plan (Measure X) from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County was approved on November, 2016. The measure is anticipated to generate an estimated $20 million annually for a total of $600 million over thirty years through a retail transactions and use tax of a three-eighths of one‑percent (3/8%). The revenue from the sales tax measure will be used to fund transportation safety and mobility projects in Monterey County. The revenues are split with 60% dedicated to local road maintenance, pothole repairs and safety projects, and 40% dedicated to regional safety and mobility projects. The estimated 30-year distribution for the City of Salinas is $91,383,000. Below are the City's projects that are funded by Measure X.

List of Measure X Funded Projects:

  • Williams Road Undergrounding/Street/Streetscape
  • Street Maintenance Equipment Replacement
  • San Juan Grade Road Improvements
  • Downtown Complete Streets
  • Priority Traffic Signals
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Street Maintenance Vehicle Replacement
  • Sanborn Rd/US 101 Impvts-Ag Ind Center
  • Traffic Calming Improvements
  • Pedestrian Crossing Enhancement
  • Vision Zero Action Plan
  • ADA Pedestrian Ramp
  • Bardin Safe Routes to School
  • E Alvin/Linwood/Maryal Routes
  • E Laurel Dr Sidewalk & Lights
  • Vibrancy Plan Infrastructure
  • Street Tree Trimming
  • ADA Traffic Signal Updates
  • North Main St Intersection
  • Street Light Installation
  • School Safety Enhancements
  • Annual City Rehab Program (MVF Tax 7360)
  • E Boronda Traffic Control Relief
  • Bicycle Lane Installations
  • Traffic Signal Installation
  • Sidewalk & Drainage Repairs
  • Slurry Seal Improvements
  • Alisal Airport Multi-Use Trail
  • Train Station Electrical Transformer Upgrades
  • Fleet Consolidation Replacement
  • Bridge Maintenance Program
  • Emerald Drive
  • Traffic Signal Coordination
  • Street Preventive Maintenance Program