Pavement Management and Funding

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News Date: 
April 9, 2021

As part of the Pavement Management Program, City staff collects data on all streets to determine how best to preserve various streets before they degrade to a "point of no return."  The City has hired Pavement Engineering Inc., (PEI) to evaluate all Salinas streets, by visiting the streets and measuring the deterioration of the street and then inputting the information into the StreetSaver program to calculate the condition of the streets.  Due to scheduling, seasons and public notification much planning is required before resurfacing work can begin.  Streets must also be prepared (crack seals, patches, etc.)  before the resurfacing begins.  Having all street evaluations completed and data readily available, allows City staff to plan out years of street repairs or resurfacing. In addition, long term budgeting can be done to achieve more cost effective results.

Fortunately, through the Senate Bill 1(SB1), Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, the City receives approximately $2.8M annually.  To date, the City has been allocated $7.6M of which $4.2M has been spent on street preventive maintenance, striping and signing, and traffic signal maintenance throughout the City limits. To catch up with deferred road maintenance, the City is budgeting $6.3M annually to this effort with combined SB1, Measure X and Gas Tax funds. In early Summer 2021, the City will begin construction of a new street preventive maintenance project that will chip seal arterial and collector streets throughout the City. Those streets include a portion of Abbott Street, Blanco Road, Rossi Street, Calle Cebu, Bernal Drive, Boronda Road, N. Sanborn Road, and Airport Boulevard.  Additionally, the City is looking to add a couple of more streets to this project and will include Williams Road (Del Monte Ave. to Freedom Blvd). Street pavement projects will begin construction in early Summer and early Fall 2021.  This work is estimated to cost approximately $3.5M.

The Street Maintenance Crew performs work in coordination with the street rehabilitation projects and is an effective and economical approach to crack sealing and patch and repair.  They will be assisting our Preventative Maintenance efforts by performing deep patch and repairs in the following streets:  East Alisal Street (Bardin Rd to Skyway Blvd), then move to Williams Road (Del Monte Ave to Freedom Parkway).

City Staff has also been working on the design of reconstructing Williams Road (John Street to Grandhaven) and  widening Boronda Road (Dartmouth  to past McKinnnon Blvd).

Currently underway is the reconstruction of Bardin Road (Williams Road to Sconberg Parkway). Monterey County is piggy backing on our project and reconstructing about 900 feet of Alisal Road, south of Sconberg Parkway.