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Measure G Funded Project

In 2014, Salinas voters overwhelmingly approved Measure G, a one cent transactions and use tax. Through a lengthy community outreach process, Public Safety was identified as the highest priority. This project dedicates 25% of the Measure G funds to a  new center that will not only serve the police department’s needs for enforcement work but also provide ways for the police department to be more positively engaged with the community. 

Project Location:

312 East Alisal Street and more

Project Background:

Since 2007 the City has considered the idea of building a new Police Service Headquarters as a catalyst for the Alisal Market Place project.

In 2009, the City considered a developer-driven 110,000 square-foot, four-story police station to be located at the County’s old public works yard formerly located at 312 East Alisal Street. Due to adverse changes to the economy and other factors, the Alisal Market Place project has not moved forward yet.

In 2014 the City completed a Needs Study which recommended a 95,000 square foot facility.

In 2016 the City moved to acquired title to the 312 East Alisal Street property through a transaction with the County of Monterey whereby the City exchanged the Church of the Nazarene property located on North Sanborn Road for the property located at 312 East Alisal Street. 

In April 2017, the Salinas City Council agreed to issue an RFP for the development of a 75,000 square foot Police Service Headquarters on the East Alisal Street property.

Project Timeline:

Construction is estimated to begin during the summer of 2018 and conclude 14-18 months later.

Project Cost / Funding:

Designing, building and delivering is currently estimated to cost $49 million, plus 10% for the cost of financing. Project is currently funded with $2.8 million in Measure G funds.


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