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Sanborn / Elvee / US HWY 101 Improvement Project

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Project Location:

Intersections of Sanborn Road /Elvee Drive and the Sanborn Road/Fairview Avenue and US 101 Northbound on-ramp

Project Description:

The Sanborn Road / Highway 101 / Elvee Drive Improvement project is a $5.7 Million dollar project that was awarded to Granite Rock Company on July 7, 2015.

The project calls to construct a 49-foot long free-span bridge over the Reclamation Ditch to extend Elvee Drive to Work Street and reconstruct and widen the existing Elvee Drive (refer to location map and photos) to include new sidewalks, driveways, street lighting, and tree planting.

Other improvements include a new traffic signal at the Sanborn Road / Fairview Avenue intersection; constructing a ramp meter for the US 101 Northbound on-ramp; modifying existing westbound travel / turn lane configurations on Sanborn Road onto Work Street; and restricting Elvee Drive access at Sanborn Road to right-in / right-out (eliminating left turns).

Construction began in late 2015.  The contractor has completed the majority of work on Elvee Drive and Sanborn Road, including the traffic signal.  The project had major delays due to various factors including:  design, utility conflicts, Department of Fish & Wildlife, wet weather, and standing water in the reclamation ditch.  Bridge abutments were constructed last fall and the project stopped for the winter due to Department of Fish & Wildlife rules that no work can be performed over the reclamation ditch through winter months. 


During the week of June 12th, girders (concrete beams) were placed across the channel for supporting the concrete deck, which is expected to be poured during the week of June 25th.  Utility companies will complete the installation of gas, communications cable, water, and electrical work over the next two months (July and August) and the contractor will resume work for completing the project by late December this year.