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Sidewalk / Street Repair Project

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Project Location:

Various streets and sidewalks throughout the City.

Project Description:

The Job Order Contracting (JOC) system allowed the City to issue individual work orders to the two contractors to work on the backlog of maintenance needs expeditiously. This project is a continuation of the City’s effort to repair and/or rehabilitate miscellaneous street-related work in areas that are deteriorated, damaged, or in need of repair, and/or make facility upgrades to meet current state or federal requirements.

Project Budget:

The 2017/18 FY budget for this project is $2,000,000 from Measure X for “Sidewalk & Drainage Repairs” and additional $200,000 from Gas Tax for “ADA Pedestrian Ramp Installation” for a total of $2,200,000.

Sidewalk / Street Repair Project News