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What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero Salinas is the City’s strategy to will build safety into our streets, protecting the people who travel about the City every day. The Vision Zero Salinas policy acknowledges that traffic deaths not inevitable but are preventable.

Why do we need it? Between 2009 and 2018 fifty-nine (59) lost their lives while traveling on Salinas’ streets. These deaths and serious injuries are unacceptable, and the City of Salinas is committed to preventing further loss of life.

What does it mean? The City adopted Vision Zero as a policy on February 11, 2020, committing to building safer streets, educate the public on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws, and to develop a Vision Zero Salinas Action Plan that save lives. The goal of the Vision Zero Salinas Action Plan is to create a culture that prioritizes traffic safety and to ensure that traffic related accidents on our city streets don’t result in serious injuries or death.

Share your input. 

Take a quick survey using the Salinas Vision Zero Survey tool. Your input will be used to guide future traffic safety improvements in Salinas. 

Link to Salinas Vision Zero Survey Tool: https://arcg.is/0PmLCz