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Williams Road Improvements Project

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City of Salinas Williams Road Improvements Project


On June 4th, 2013, the City Council adopted an ordinance establishing the boundaries of the Williams Road Utility Underground District No. 24. Due to insufficient Rule 20A funds, the utility district was split into two Phases. Phase 1 is from East Alisal Street/John Street to Grandhaven Street and Phase 2 is from Grandhaven Street to 350’ past Bardin Road. In 2017, the utility companies notified the City that sufficient Rule 20A credits are available to design and construct Phase 1. As a result, PG&E will begin the utility underground district design after the City provides a 90% design of Williams Road Improvements to include the proposed streetlight design, road design, and beautification improvements.

In preparation for the Utility Undergrounding Design, the City will be moving forward with the Williams Road Improvements Project, which aims to improve the pedestrian and road safety, traffic flow, and aesthetics for this corridor. The project will work in coordination with the Alisal Vibrancy Plan for the conceptual design. The Project Design and Williams Road Utility Undergrounding will follow after completion of concept.

Project Description:

Williams Road is an existing four lane roadway with a center two-way left turn lane. This corridor is a high pedestrian, high traffic area in a mixed commercial/high density residential area with two private church schools, mobile home parks, and a fire station fronting this road. The road has a high crown that causes vehicles to scrape bottoms when entering/exiting driveways.

The scope for this project is to provide a conceptual design for improvements to Williams Road to include: LED streetlight/pedestrian light layout, a new street section design, utility coordination, prioritize traffic flow, safety, safer crosswalks, tree planting, sidewalk repairs, bulb-outs at street corners and ADA compliance. In addition, the project will also coordinate with the Community to attempt to address their concerns through workshops, pop-ups at Cesar Chavez Library, and community meetings.

Since Williams Road is within the Alisal Vibrancy Plan (AVP) limits, the City will engage Community Development and Nelson Nygaard (design consultant)  in the conceptual phase to integrate the community effort and data collection that has occurred.

Project Limits:

The project limits are Williams Road from East Alisal Street/John Street to Grandhaven Street.

Project Status:

In Conceptual Design Phase.

Scheduled Events:

July 8th, 2019, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Second Community Meeting at Firehouse Recreation Center


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