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Development Engineering

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The Development Engineering Division:

  • performs plan review and inspections to verify that site work, grading, and associated utilities are built in compliance with applicable codes and laws, rendering them safe and accessible upon completion of construction
  • verifies that public and private site improvements are built in compliance with City standards
  • provides technical support for planning applications in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act
  • calculates impact fees for development projects
  • provides assistance to the City Engineer in implementing floodplain management
  • issues encroachment permits for activities in the public right of way
  • coordinates with applicants to assign addressing
  • provides development-related implementation and enforcement of NPDES storm water permit requirements
  • and manages the City Vendor Program.

Stormwater Development Standards

Applicants must arrange a pre-application meeting with the City of Salinas Permit and Inspection Services Division--Engineering Section (831-758-7251) prior to submitting formal applications for permits to obtain a preliminary project review. This process is mandated by the City of Salinas NPDES Permit to ensure all projects have been designed in accordance with the applicable version of the City of Salinas Stormwater Development Standards (SWDS) and include acceptable Low Impact Development features and Construction and Post-Construction Best Management Practices in compliance with the SWDS. Please review the documents titled “Guidance for Determining Which Version of Salinas’ Stormwater Development Standards (SWDS) Apply/Govern” and the applicable version of the SWDS prior to meeting with City staff. Those projects which complete the pre-application meeting process have historically been proven to gain approval with the minimum number of repeat application submittals and have the lowest design and construction costs related to SWDS compliance for similar projects.


Stormwater Standard Plans (SWSPs)

The Stormwater Standard Plans were prepared by the Salinas Permit Center Community, Community and Economic Development, and Public Works Departments, based on the Low Impact Development Initiative (LIDI) Standard Details, City of Portland, Oregon Stormwater Management Manual Typical Details and City of Salinas Permit Center Engineering Section-produced details. They are to be used in conjunction with the latest edition of the City of Salinas Stormwater Development Standards (SWDS) and the latest edition of the City of Salinas Standard Specifications, Design Standards, and Standard Plans.

Designers must consult with the project (record) geotechnical and civil engineer for review and use of these Standard Plans, clearances to structures, need for/extent of liners, subdrains, storm drain connections and similar appurtenances. Users must also take care to isolate utility and pipe backfill from infiltration from Post Construction Best Management Practices so the filtered stormwater does not follow trenches (i.e. sand and/or aggregate backfill) into utility and/or other structures. Regardless of site infiltration rate, all projects will be required to filter storm water on site using biofiltration methods (Post-Construction Best Management Practices or PCBMPs) with infiltration through underlying soils being the preferred method. Every effort shall be made, to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP), to infiltrate stormwater on site unless alternative means are approved in accordance with the City’s NPDES Permit requirements.