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The Engineering Division:

  • is responsible for implementing and managing the City's Capital Improvement Projects
  • provides project management services for the planning, design, inspection, and construction of public facilities
  • provides engineering services for other City departments and the public
  • ensures the compliance of engineering standards necessary for the protection of public health and safety
  • provides administrative support for the Public Works Department
  • supervises and controls the Department’s operating and project budgets
  • manages all city-owned property, including leases and rents
  • provides administrative oversight of all maintenance, assessment, and parking districts, and administrative oversight of all Public Works grants
  • acquires property as needed for projects
  • administers programs dealing with energy efficiency, environmental and labor compliance for Public works projects
  • and responds to citizen complaints and inquiries.

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan provides a comprehensive update for the City of Salinas, based on the City’s 2002 General Plan, development planning, and preliminary planning information from the current housing element update.

The master plan includes development of a city-wide sanitary sewer system model (10-inch and greater diameter) for existing and projected future development, development of wastewater flow projections, use of the model to identify and analyze required improvements, and development of capital improvement program recommendations based on the analysis results.