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Disadvantaged, Small Business, and Minority/Women Business Enterprise Firms Program

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Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), and Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Firms Program Information and Resources

The City of Salinas is fully committed to encouraging participation of socially and economically disadvantaged, minority, women and small business firms in the performance of public works contracts financed in whole or in part with federal funds [as required by Title 49 Part 26.5, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)].

All prospective bidders are encouraged to seek services offered by certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms, Small Business Enterprise firms and Minority/Woman Business Enterprise firms.

Find a DBE or M/WBE Firm:
The Department of Transportation, Office of Business & Economic Opportunity maintains the Unified Certification Program (UCP) database which includes a complete up-to-date listing of certified DBE firms and M/WBE firms.(link is external)

Find a SBE Firm:
The State of CA Department of General Services maintains a complete listing of certified SBE firms.(link is external)

Apply for Certification

Applications for DBE certification are available at the State of California Business Forms web page(link is external).

Applications for SBE certification are available at the State of California Department of General Services Procurement Division web page.(link is external)

If you have questions, please contact Public Works Labor Compliance Officer, Leticia Altamirano at 831-758-7979.