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Health & Safety Day

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The City of Salinas' Health & Safety Day (HSD) framework is the City's approach to community services at encampments on public property within city limits. It serves as an opportunity to strengthen the City's practices and strategies in:

  1. Connecting the unhoused community in encampments to services and resources;
  2. Balancing health, sanitation and safety needs of all Salinas residents through community-level discussions; and
  3. Maintaining a safe, livable Salinas for all residents through outreach and engagement.

Key components of the HSD approach include:

  • A minimum of 14 days of outreach prior to HSD activities at encampment sites, unless an emergent situation arises that could impact the immediate health and safety of residents in the encampment
  • A pre-HSD outreach timeframe longer than 14 days determined based on the need of unhoused residents in encampment sites
  • Ongoing outreach and connection to services and resources following a HSD at an encampment site
  • Collaborating with service provides to effectively connect residents to available resources