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More Trees, Please

To put it simply, more trees equal a better, healthier, safer Salinas today and for future generations. A healthy urban forest increases property values, removes harmful pollutants from the air, soil and water, adds character and pride to communities, slows traffic and decreases crime, reduces energy consumption and provides wildlife habitat. Yes, all of that from simply planting a tree!

It is recommended that a healthy city have at least a 25-27% tree canopy, yet

Salinas is estimated to have only 7.6% tree canopy.

Trees make a positive difference in Salinas, so let’s work together to plant at least three times the number of trees we have now. Read Why Trees Matter on our Resources page and learn how to get a free street tree by visiting our Free Trees page.

Salinas gratefully acknowledges City Plants of Los Angeles and Richmond Trees for the reuse of educational content found within the Salinas Trees website pages.