New Crosswalk Technology in Salinas

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News Date: 
February 17, 2023

The intersection of N. Sanborn Rd. and Buckhorn Dr. has a new crosswalk technology for the City of Salinas known as a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB). What makes a PHB different from other flashing light crosswalks in the City is the sequence of traffic control lights to slow and stop traffic before pedestrians are given the signal to cross.

What do drivers and pedestrians need to know about a PHB crosswalk? There are 5 phases to the traffic light cycle when a pedestrian activates the crosswalk:

  • Phase 1: No visible lights - It's ok to drive through the intersection as usual, but still look for pedestrians.
  • Phase 2: Yellow flashing lights - Begin to slow down; a pedestrian has activated the crosswalk.
  • Phase 3: Solid yellow lights - Prepare to stop; the lights will be turning red.
  • Phase 4: Solid red lights - Traffic must stop; the pedestrian has been given the signal to cross.
  • Phase 5: Red flashing lights - Traffic may now proceed if the crosswalk is clear, but the intersection should be treated as a stop sign. Every vehicle coming up to the intersection when the red lights are flashing must make a full stop at the crosswalk before proceeding.
  • The cycle will reset after Phase 5.