Regional Training Workshop

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News Date: 
March 13, 3019

The City of Salinas hosted a Regional Training Workshop on March 13, 2019. Building off its successful 2018 Regional Innovation Summit, the City of Salinas partnered with the Center for Government Excellence at John Hopkins University to host a Regional Training Workshop. 50+ local government staff from various cities attended two training sessions: Problem Solving Using Data & Analytics and Data Storytelling. The first session walked participants through a framework designed to help city leaders take a data-driven approach to solving city problems. The second session was designed to enable participants to build a story using data and analysis by identifying successes and communicating more effectively about the impact of the work.

A regional working group is being established that will provide training opportunities for local government staff. Geospatial and emerging technologies are helping cities collect and analyze data, allowing them to become more efficient and effective. Currently, the focus has been on data, analytics, sensors, or Artificial Intelligence, and their impacts on the future of cities. The City of Salinas understands that it needs to focus on people and their training to fully realize the value to this technology. Building these critical skills allows Salinas staff to harness the power of data and technology and immediately apply it in their work to serve the residents of Salinas.