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News Date: 
October 30, 2020

Maintaining City streets is a year round effort.  Streets deteriorate over time and with more exposure to rain, sun and temperature changes, the more quickly streets degrade.  There are 292 centerline miles of streets in the City of Salinas.  This equates to a distance from Salinas to Calabasas, CA (east of Oxnard).  Many are in various stages of disrepair.  With a limited budget, how can the City repair all of the streets?  As a start, the City has adopted a Pavement Management Program.

The goal of the Pavement Management Program is to preserve City streets and keep them in good driving condition, which requires a considerable amount of thought and effort. A common question for street work is " Why are they resurfacing that street when it doesn't look so bad?"  A street can be preserved with street resurfacing, before it degrades to a bad condition.  Street resurfacing is far cheaper (90%) than street reconstruction.  Letting a street degrade to the point where it needs to be reconstructed is a very expensive proposition.

As part of the Pavement Management Program, City staff collects data on all the streets to determine how best to preserve various streets before they degrade to a "point of no return."  Specialized technicians evaluate every street and provide a "grade" for each street.  City engineers use this data to make strategic decisions on what streets are resurfaced and when the work should be done.  The City has hired Pavement Engineering Inc. (PEI) to evaluate all Salinas streets, by visiting the streets and measuring the deterioration of the street and then inputting the information into the Street Savor program to calculate the condition of the streets.  The results of the Pavement evaluation will be presented to City Council this Winter.