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Downtown Parking District Permits

Downtown monthly parking permits available now for the months of July through December.  Please note that a parking permit is valid only for the specific lot for which it is purchased.  

In response to public health guidance regarding the Covid19, the City is also introducing a new way of purchasing monthly permits without having to go to the permit center.  Customers can purchase permits on-line or by mail:

PDF icon Parking Permit Form Payment By Check Cash Or Money Order.pdf

PDF icon Parking Permit Form Payment By Credit Card.pdf

Questions regarding parking permits may be directed to the Finance Department at [email protected].

Residential Permit Parking Program

Residential Permit Parking Districts are parking zones/areas in residential areas that specifically limit on-street parking to area residents with a permit. Residential Permit Parking Districts are initiated at the request of residents who petition the City. The process requires a completed and certified petition and a parking study. Then community meetings are held and the Traffic and Transportation Commission reviews the proposed program. Finally, the City Council must approve the program by adopting a resolution.

If you live in an area of the City which has already established a Residential Permit Parking District, you may purchase Annual Residential Permits, Annual Guests Permits or Daily Guest Permits. To purchase a permit, please visit the Residential Permit Parking Portal: https://www.citationprocessingcenter.com/SalinasPermits/

For more information on the Residential Permit Parking Program, please visit the Residential Permit Parking webpage: https://www.cityofsalinas.org/our-city-services/public-works/parking/residential-permit-parking-program