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Downtown Parking District Permits

Downtown monthly parking permits available now for the months of July through December.  Please note that a parking permit is valid only for the specific lot for which it is purchased.  

In response to public health guidance regarding the Covid19, the City is also introducing a new way of purchasing monthly permits without having to go to the permit center.  Customers can purchase permits on-line or by mail:

PDF icon Buy On-line (Credit Card)

PDF icon Purchase By Mail (Check, Cash Or Money Order)

Questions regarding parking permits may be directed to the Finance Department at [email protected].

Residential Permit Parking Program

Residential Permit Parking Districts are parking zones/areas in residential areas that specifically limit on-street parking to area residents with a permit. Residential Permit Parking Districts are initiated at the request of residents who petition the City. The process requires a completed and certified petition and a parking study. Then community meetings are held and the Traffic and Transportation Commission reviews the proposed program. Finally, the City Council must approve the program by adopting a resolution.

If you live in an area of the City which has already established a Residential Permit Parking District, you may purchase Annual Residential Permits, Annual Guests Permits or Daily Guest Permits. To purchase a permit, please visit the Residential Permit Parking Portal: https://www.citationprocessingcenter.com/SalinasPermits/

For more information on the Residential Permit Parking Program, please visit the Residential Permit Parking webpage: https://www.cityofsalinas.org/our-city-services/public-works/parking/residential-permit-parking-program