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East Boronda Road Widening Project

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  • Mckinnon Street Round About
  • Boronda Road Widening Project - El Darado Drive Round About
  • Boronda Road Widening Project - Hemingway Drive Round About
  • Boronda Road Widening Project - Independence Boulevard Round Project
  • Boronda Road Widening Project - Natividad Road Round About

Project Location:

Between Dartmouth Way and Hemingway Drive.

Project Update:

On May 16, 2017, the City Council approved the roundabout concept along East Boronda Road at the following intersections: McKinnon Street, El Dorado Drive, Natividad Road, Independence Boulevard, and Hemingway Drive.  The roundabouts will be constructed in conjunction with the East Boronda Road Widening Project (between Dartmouth Way and Independence Boulevard).

The project will widen East Boronda Road into a four-lane roadway with landscaped median, and bike lanes.  The existing bridge over Gabilan Creek (near Independence Boulevard) will also be widened to accommodate the four-lane roadway with bike lanes and sidewalks.  Construction of the roundabout at Hemingway Drive may be added to the scope of work to this project or may be built as a separate project within the Central Area of the Future Growth Area.

Environmental work is currently underway.  Public Works staff will seek City Council approval for the detailed design work on August 15, 2017.  Construction work for the roundabout at McKinnon Street and the widening of Boronda Road, from Dartmouth Way to a point near El Dorado Dive, is anticipated to start by summer 2018.