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Main Street Streetscape Project

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The Main Street Streetscape Project is a project that implements a part of the Salinas Downtown Vibrancy Plan

The Vibrancy Plan included a vision and goals to improve the Main Street corridor within the downtown area to make circulation improvements that support the vibrancy plan goals.  Among suggested improvements are converting Main Street from a one-way street to two-way and enhancing the pedestrian environment to include amenities such as lighting, security, outdoor seating opportunities, and place making.

Input received from several meetings conducted by the City in 2016 for the Main Street Master Plan will provide guidance for the design of the project.  The exhibit below is a conceptual rendition of the desired improvements, part of the Main Street Master Plan, and will guide the re-design of Main Street.  The Main Street Master Plan will be presented to Council in the summer of 2017. 

Temporary Parking Restrictions for the Downtown Main Street Blocks will occur during the month of August (please see the Parking Restrictions Notice Schedule below).  This survey work marks the beginning of the project design process.

Please stay tuned for upcoming updates!