Clogbusters ( Southern Monterey Dischargers Group)

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News Date: 
December 7, 2018


The City is one of the local agencies participating in the Southern Monterey Bay Dischargers Group to develop a regional public education program for users of the sewer system for the purpose of reducing grease problems. 

The education campaign typically includes newspaper ads (three in English, one in Spanish), radio ads on two local stations and theaters ads in a major Salinas movie outlet.  The Group directed resources to a multi-agency web site for fats, oils and grease information at  The regional program will be modified yearly as conditions warrant. 

City of Salinas Outreach

The City distributes FOG door hangers in areas that have been identified with grease issues. The door hanger  notifies residents and business that a problem has been identified in their area. Other FOG outreach consists of a post card mailers distributed to notify residents and businesses that a FOG issue has been identified and how they can help reduce fats, oils, and grease from blocking sanitary sewer lines in their area.T