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Residential Permit Parking Program

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Residential Permit Parking Districts are parking zones in residential areas that specifically limit on-street parking to residents with a permit.

Residential Permit Parking Districts are initiated at the request of residents who petition the City. The process requires a completed and certifiesalid petition and a parking study. Community meetings are held and the Traffic and Transportation Commission reviews the proposed program. City Council must approve the program by adopting a resolution to establish a Residential Permit Parking District.

If you live in an area of the City which has already established a Residential Permit Parking District, you may purchase Annual Residential Permits, Annual Guests Permits or Daily Guest Permits. Only residents residing on streets within a Residential Permit Parking District may apply for these permits. Vehicle registration for each vehicle needing a parking permit along with proof of residency will be required prior to the issuance of any residential parking permit. To purchase Annual Residential Permits, Annual Guest Permits, or Daily Guest Permits please contact the Finance Department: