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Report Salinas Spills/Dumping:  Call 758-7233.  State the location of the spill/dumping (street intersection/street address), the time and any information that can help the City find the source and alert the offender of the prohibition.

What Does Water, Waste and Energy (WWE) Division Do?

The Water, Waste, and Energy Division provides technical support in the specific areas of Water, Waste, and Energy.  These areas have been identified as focus areas that are complex and have local and regional significance.  The Division is essentially a Public Works special projects team that is working on larger scale, complex Public Works efforts that require a systemic approach.

The Water, Waste, and Energy Division is reorganizing and consolidating the City’s Stormwater Permit compliance efforts; managing energy programs to complete City energy efficiency projects; managing and providing technical support of solid waste initiatives led by the City to provide effective and economical solid waste services for the City; managing and providing technical support for water recycling/re-use projects and working with City partners as part of the Pure Water Monterey Project http://purewatermonterey.org/ towards solutions for water supply needs for City residents and the agriculture industry; and managing and overseeing City sustainability goals and programs including the Urban Greening Program.

What's Happening for Water, Waste, & Energy