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Environmental Compliance

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As a requirement of its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Storm Water Permit, the City of Salinas must conduct inspections of priority industrial facilities. Municipalities are ultimately responsible for the water quality of discharges from there municipal storm drain system, and therefore must control discharges from industries. Polluted storm water and non-storm water discharges from industries can represent a large part of the controllable pollutant load generated from an urban area. Inspection of priority industries provides the best means for identifying sources of pollutants discharged to the storm drains and educating industries about appropriate best management practices for eliminating or reducing these sources.


The goal of the City of Salinas NPDES Stormwater Program is to control discharges of pollutants to the municipal storm drain system (and local creeks draining to the Monterey Bay) Using Best Management Practices and to effectively eliminate illegal discharges and connections. The goal is “Only Rain in the Storm Drain”. 

The storm drain system was built to collect and transport rain to prevent flooding in urban areas. Anything that flows or is discharged into the storm drain system goes directly into local creeks and then to Monterey Bay, without treatment.