Our City Services

  • City Workers Cleaning out Storm Drain when dry
  • Salinas City Workers preparing to clean out storm drain

The City of Salinas' Storm Drainage System (MS4), part of the Clean Water Program, provides for storm drain and open channel maintenance prior to winter rains, removes pollutants from the waste stream prior to runoff to the environment through best management practices (BMP's), and seeks to ensure safety from local flooding.

Storm Drain System Description

The City of Salinas drainage systems consist of two storm water lift stations, 129.06 miles of pipeline, 3,598 catch basins and four drainage ditches.  There are 3 natural waterways (Santa Rita Creek, Gabilan Creek and Natividad Creek) that pass through the City. Additionally, there is one manmade drainage/flood control channel (Reclamation Ditch 1665) that enters the City from the South near Moffett Street and exits adjacent to West Market Street near Davis Road. There are also four storm water detention basin facilities.