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  • Free street trees may be planted at the homes of those who commit to watering up to three years.
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Improving Our City, One Tree at a Time!

Simply stated, trees improve our lives.  Among many other benefits, trees increase your property value, reduce crime and traffic speed, increase business in shopping districts, and improve the air we breathe. And as the conservation nonprofit American Forests reminds us, “healthy forests are our most efficient, inexpensive, and natural systems to combat climate change.” Both natural and urban forests play an essential role in reducing the main contributor to climate change – CO2.

Yes, all that and more simply from having trees!  Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when walking in the woods? You can obtain this same health benefits by walking down a tree-lined street. Many streets in Salinas have street trees. Many more would benefit from trees being planted.   How many trees are enough?   City planners and arborists  measure a community's based upon the Tree Canopy--the area of land under the canopy of a tree.  The national average and Salinas' goals is to have a Tree Canopy of 25%.  Salinas' current Tree Canopy is less than 8%--so we have work to do.  Salinas intends to Improve our City, One Tree at a Time.  And you can help!  If you live on a street with a parkway (the area of between the street and walk), you may be eligible for a free street tree.  Want a free tree? We will organize a planting when enough residents in a concentrated area express their desire for a tree in front of their home. Get your neighbors involved! 

Now that we know some of the ways trees improve our lives, let's PLANT OUR FUTURE.  You can begin by signing up to Adopt-A-Tree. Its a free program from the City of Salinas.  Learn how to get a free street tree by visiting our Free Trees page. And if you want to know more about what trees do for us read: Why Trees Matter --also on our Resources page.  

Bringing Nature into Your Neighborhood!

In 2017, the National Arbor Day Foundation accredited Salinas as a Tree City USA for the 24th year.  This was especially meaningful as 2017 was a disastrous year for Salinas' trees.  In  February, 2017 60-mile per hour winds and heavy rainfall toppled over 600 trees. Many of these were majestic specimens that had stood sentinel in Salinas for decades.  All told over 1,000 trees would be lost in 2017 to storm damage or other conflicts. That loss has left a gaping hole to fill in the city's forest. The City wants to replace trees lost with hundreds of new trees. Salinas is working on  Bringing Nature into Your Neighborhoods by planting hundreds of trees.  Doing this  will take concentrated effort by everyone.  Help Plant Your Future!

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Salinas gratefully acknowledges City Plants of Los Angeles and Richmond Trees for permission to reuse  a portion of their educational content.