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Water your tree at least once a week in the dry months and in between rain storms in the winter during the first three years. You may need to water more frequently in warmer weather. Young trees require ten gallons of water once a week—that’s two five-gallon buckets or a low-pressure soak with the garden hose for 15 minutes. It is important to water new, young trees deeply & regularly. After the first three years, your tree may still need watering occasionally. 


Keep the area around your tree free of weeds and grass. They compete with the tree for water and nutrients. Use a hand tool to remove grass and weeds within a 4-foot square around the base of the tree. Do not use weed eaters or mowers to trim grass or weeds around your tree. They can damage bark on the tree trunk, interfering with the tree’s nutrition and circulation, and may cause the tree to die.


Place mulch around the base of your tree to control weeds and conserve water.  Apply mulch 2-4 inches deep, and extend 18-24 inches in each direction. Mulch should be replaced once a year in the spring. Do not place mulch against the trunk of the tree. It can cause decay of the bark at the base of the tree.

Proper Mulching Diagram Illustrated by Madison Tree Care and Landscaping


Do not use fertilizer to feed your tree. It can attract aphids and other tree pests. If you want to feed your tree, use good quality compost once a year in the spring. Keep compost away from the base of the trunk by at least 6-8 inches.


Do not prune your street tree! Young trees need all their foliage for the first few years to become established. It is important to leave the lower branches on a young tree. The tree may look more like a shrub, but those lower branches are providing much needed nutrients to the trunk of a young tree.

Problem Solving 

Trees may face other challenges such as whiteflies, aphids, scale and sooty mold. They can also show signs of windburn, soil compaction, and/or water not reaching the roots. If you are worried about your tree, please contact the City's mikeri [at] ci.salinas.ca.us " rel="nofollow">Urban Greening Program



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