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Report Salinas Spills/Dumping:  Call 758-7233. State the location of the spill/dumping (street intersection/street address), the time and any information that can help the City find the source and alert the offender of the prohibition.

WWE is excited to have an internationally recognized organization providing Public Outreach/Public Education services to the City.  Save the Whales currently provides these services for the Monterey Regional Stormwater Management Program cities on the Monterey Peninsula. Utilizing Save the Whales will result in overall Salinas Stormwater Program cost savings by utilizing educational and outreach programs currently in existence and partnering with area stormwater programs.  Some of the benefits/highlights Save the Whales will provide include:

  1. Hands on educational programs for Salinas grades 3-12 (20-24 programs) including effectiveness evaluations as required by the Salinas NPDES Permit.
  2. Parent engagement for educational activities related to stormwater and litter. Save the Whales will utilize grant funds for the bulk of the program to invite parents from 16 grade 5-6 classrooms to participate in 8 outdoor field trips with students including busses.  Bilingual education will be available.
  3. Working with local community partners to participate/engage the public in 3 events and/or sponsor creek clean-up/restoration projects,etc.
  4. Engaging College Service Students to support the Salinas Stormwater Program by assisting with events.
  5. Encouraging student participation in NOAA Zero Waste Week by having students visit 12-15 classrooms to educate them about the marine life and how activities on land (littering, street pollution) cna reach rivers, creeks and eventually the ocean.
  6. Our Water Our World Program outreach in existing Salinas stores in English and Spanish to engage the public regarding alternatives to pesticides.  This will include positioning of outreach materials in racks and talking to patrons.
  7. Targeted business outreach for restaurant bilingual outreach and/or auto repair including materials.
  8. Radio ads on both English and Spanish including production of an ad in Spanish focusing on oil dumping and City staff/clean-up contact.
  9. Production of a 15 second digital movie ad for the Salinas Northridge Mall Cinema to air on 14 screens prior to every movie to reach movie patrons with the City's stormwater message.
  10. Participation with Monterey Regional Stormwater Program to share costs for airing ads on both English and Spanish TV stations.  50% of the budget will be used for Spanish stations.

Educators interested in receiving the benefit of the above school programs are encouraged to contact Heidi Niggemeyer, Salinas WWE- Stormwater Program Manager at 758-7988 or via e-mail at heidin [at] ci.salinas.ca.us (heidin [at] ci.salinas.ca.us (link sends e-mail)) for additional information.

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