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  • Recycling at Fire House Rec-Center
  • A canvas bag filled with fruit
  • Kitchen Pails for food scraps

►Report Salinas Spills/Dumping: Call 758-7233
State the location of the spill/dumping (street intersection/street address), the time, any information that can help the City find the source and alert the offender of the prohibition.


Did you know recycling saves you money? At the same time, recycling keeps your environment healthy and safe. 

Learn more by reading the information below and exploring this site, or call (831) 775-3007.

To Start, Stop, or Change Trash & Recycling Curbside Collection Services

To start, stop, or change your trash and recycling curbside collection service, please contact Republic Services of Salinas.
Visit Republic Services of Salinas
Residents call (831) 775-3840  |  Businesses call (831) 751-5453

FREE Waste Assessments for Businesses / Agencies / Schools

Businesses, agencies, and schools can get FREE assistance on how to reduce trash costs and save money.  Scheduling a free waste assessment will provide the information needed to save money.  To schedule an obligation-free meeting, please contact Salinas Valley Recycles.
Visit Salinas Valley Recycles  |  Call (831) 775-3007 

Learn How to Recycle More & Save Money

There is a less expensive, but also safe and proper way to dispose of everything, including recycling, yard waste, chemicals, electronics, motor oil, and bulky items.

Residents Trash & Recycling

Business / Commercial / Multifamily Complexes
Recycling is now mandatory, but also saves money for Salinas businesses and multifamily complexes. Schedule a free waste assessment.

Business / Commercial Trash & Recycling

Construction & Demolition
Divert materials from your next construction project and save money.

Construction & Demolition

Schedule a free, entertaining assembly OR implement a program and services with free infrastructure, training, and resources.

Schools Trash & Recycling

Did You Know?

Did you know that when we recycle, what may have ended up in a landfill becomes something new?  Watch this video to follow a plastic bottle on its journey to become a new park bench.


How To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into A Park Bench | Made By Destruction - Bing vide