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  • Kitchen Pails for food scraps
  • Compostable Take Out Containers
  • Recycling at the Office
  • Recycling at Fire House Rec-Center

Business Recycling Saves Money 

While Recycling is now mandatory for Salinas businesses and multifamily complexes, it also costs less than disposing of recyclable materials into the trash.

There are many health and environmental issues that are created by landfill waste. Would you believe that over 70% of the waste generated in the Salinas Valley comes from business activity?  So, in an effort to divert as much waste as possible from landfills Business Recycling and Organic Recycling (food and green waste) are now required by both City Ordinance and State Law.

Recycling at the Office
  • Recycling and yard waste are offered at half the cost or less of comparable trash services.
  • Recycling conserves resources and extends the life of the local landfill. 
  • Recycling and waste reduction are important for a strong local economy and improved public health.
Collection Services & FREE Waste Assessments

Contact Republic Services of Salinas for curbside service needs and a FREE waste assessment.
Visit Republic Services of Salinas | Call (831) 751-5453 | View brochure

As another valuable resource for Salinas companies, Salinas Valley Recycles is eager to help. Their free waste assessments, and trainings for employees and multi-family residents, are designed to reduce waste while saving money.Save Money Recycling Graphic

Contact Salinas Valley Recycles for a FREE assessment. 
Visit Salinas Valley Recycles | Call (831) 775-3007 | View brochure

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Salinas Alternative Recycling Process (SARP)

Does it make more sense for your business to manage its own recycling and to self-haul? If so, SARP allows the opportunity to provide an alternative to the typically mandatory curbside services. Self Haul

To be eligible, a business must establish an onsite recycling program and/or self-haul. The first step is to complete and submit the SARP application below, then within two weeks of submitting the application, schedule a waste assessment with Salinas Valley Recycles by contacting them at (831) 775-3007 or [email protected].

Details and requirements of this option are provided upon the SARP application and reporting forms below.  

SARP Application ENG

SARP Waste Reduction & Recycling Report ENG


SARP Application SPA

SARP Waste Reduction & Recycling Report SPA


Green Business - Above and BeyondWater, Waste, & Energy Icon

Interested in going above and beyond in conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste? Learn how your business or company can exceed environmental standards by becoming a certified green business. For more information visit:

Monterey County Green Business Program


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