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The Neighborhood Services program was developed to assist residents in strengthening the social fabric of their neighborhoods and aid the City Council in connecting with their neighborhoods.


The Neighborhood Services Program goals are:

1) To provide a direct communication link between the Salinas community, the Councilmembers, and City Departments.

2) To support neighborhood empowerment activities, coordinate the implementation of solutions to neighborhood issues and work collaboratively with community organizations to reduce violence and crime, thereby increasing the number of residents who feel safe within their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Beautification Grant

The Neighborhood Beautification Initiative is designed to help build and foster strong neighborhoods by connecting residents to services and resources that help improve the quality of life in the Salinas Community.

The goals of the Neighborhood Beautification Grants are to engage residents in a neighborhood service project. These projects must promote healthier, safer and cleaner neighborhoods as well as improve neighborhood appearance. Click Here for more information and this years application.

Neighborhood Clean Ups

Neighborhood Services in collaboration with each Councilmember and local service providers, will host an annual neighborhood clean-up in each district. Upcoming dates can be found on our Calendar or by clicking here

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Services in collaboration with the Police Department, will coordinate trainings for neighborhoods interested in forming Neighborhood Watch Groups. 

Interested in starting a neighborhood watch group?

Visit Salinas Police Department Neighborhood Watch or call (831) 758-7321.  A representative will help set up a meeting in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Block Party Information 

Is your neighborhood planning a block party?

Do you need to close off the street for your party?

Neighborhood Problem Solver

The City of Salinas is a great place to live and work, but like all communities, there are times when problems occur which affect our ability to enjoy where we live. To aid the citizens of our community when such problems arise, the Salinas City Council has developed the Neighborhood Problem Solver, pdf document  a step-by-step guide to help you find solutions to neighborhood problems.  

Groups wishing to receive training on the use of the Neighborhood Problem Solver can receive free instruction from the office of Neighborhood Services.