Neighborhood Beautification Grant Applications Open

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News Date: 
October 2, 2017

The Salinas City Council approved an allocation for the Neighborhood Beautification Projects in the amount of $14,000, to be equally allocated to each Council District and the Mayor’s office (or $2,000 each). Each Council District has the opportunity to allocate grant funding to individuals or groups for eligible projects.

Who should apply?

  • Any resident- or community-led group working on a project or activity that will directly benefit their community.
  • Advocacy groups focusing on neighborhood improvements such as: neighborhood identification signage, murals, community gardens, etc.
  • Art groups organizing free art (painting, poetry, music, theater, dance, etc.) lessons, experiences, exhibits, etc. 
  • Neighborhood or apartment associations, neighborhood watches that develop resident leadership to identify and resolve neighborhood issues.

Applications need to be received by September 28, 2017  before 5:00 pm.