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Update 5/31/2017

We began the Parks, Recreation & Library Master Planning process in November 2016.  The initial 90 days focused on assessing the current conditions of our parks and facilities along with a review of current recreation and library programming.

The City felt it was important to have a resident led community engagement strategy so in January 2017, a Steering Committee of community stakeholders was formed around four subject areas: Park/Open Spaces, Recreation, Libraries and Sports/Athletic Fields.  The Steering Committee is comprised of community residents who have a stake in one or more of these areas and agreed to work with staff to gather critical input from the community around what they would like to see from their parks and recreation & library facilities in the future.  In an effort to build capacity, staff and members of the Steering Committee attended a 6-hour facilitation training in late February.

In March 2017, Library & Community Services Staff along with members of the Steering Committee launched a public outreach process that consisted of a survey, a series of community meetings and pop-up outreach at existing groups and/or events.  The survey, which focused on obtaining the communities view of the current conditions of parks and facilities, use patterns and future priorities, had a great response with just under 800 responses received.  We conducted five community meetings including; four specific to our subject areas and an overall meeting that touched on all subjects conducted in Spanish.  Over all, nearly 200 residents attended these meetings.  In addition, we held 14 pop-up outreach activities at event like Take it Outside, Dia del Nino in Acosta Plaza, Family Fun Day and with organizations such as Active Seniors, Firehouse Senior Program, a Sunday at the Soccer Complex and the Saturday Night Teen Program, just to name a few.

Our consultants, Conservation Technix, are in the process of analyzing all of the data from the survey, community meetings and the pop-up outreach.  Once this is complete, we will begin to address priorities through another public outreach process.  If you would like to be notified of future opportunities to participate, please contact Kristan Lundquist at kristanl [at] ci.salinas.ca.us.

We look forward to continuing to work with the community through this critical process as we develop a Master Plan that will have long lasting impacts on our Park and Recreation & Library systems.  For more information, please call Kristan Lundquist at (831)758-7222.


What's it all about? 

The Parks, Recreation & Library Master Plan is a part of Visión Salinas, a unified coordination effort between various planning initiatives, with the goal of a citizen driven focus for the future of Salinas. The Plan is working to combine and strengthen planning efforts such as the Alisal Vibrancy Plan, the Chinatown Revitalization Plan and the Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan. The new Master Plan will guide the City's efforts and establish a path forward for continuing to provide high quality, community-driven parks, recreation facilities and programs and library services serving the Salinas community. The Plan will include a vision for the park, recreation and library system, goals and objectives, a capital investment program, and implementation strategies for parks, programs and services.

The Master Plan will shape the delivery of City-provided parks, recreation and library services in a manner that is consistent with other city planning goals and is intended to be strategic in focus to help the City respond to three important questions:

  • What are our strengths?

  • Where should we focus our efforts?

  • How should we serve our local community?

Public input is crucial to make sure program goals and priorities are consistent with community needs and desires.

This project webpage will provide updates on the planning process, public meeting schedule, surveys, and more. For more information, call 831-758-7222.

Check back soon for more information about other public meetings and project information.

Final review and adoption of the Plan tentatively is scheduled for Fall 2017.  

Join the Conversation Online!

As part of our public outreach, we are using this interesting and exciting social media tool called mySidewalk. With mySidewalk, we post questions to the community, and participants can submit answers and comments or bring up their own ideas. Login and join the online conversation now.