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Athletic Facilities Reservations

A permit is required for use of the City’s baseball, softball and soccer fields. Call (831) 758-7306 for reservations.

Athletic Facilities

Closter Park Softball Field 401 Towt St.
Constitution Soccer Complex 1440 Constitution Blvd.
Municipal Stadium 175 Maryal Dr.
Recreation Center Gymnasium 320 Lincoln Ave.


Youth Softball & Baseball Fields

El Dorado Park- Field 1 1655 El Dorado Dr.
El Dorado Park- Field 2 1655 El Dorado Dr.
Doglione Memorial Field 1045 Iverson St.
Claremont Park 1220 San Fernando
Laurel Park 340 W. Laurel Dr.
Closter Park 401 Towt St.
Frank Paul 1300 Rider Ave.
Gene Robinson Park 40 Skyway Blvd.
Williams Ranch Park 1530 Falcon Dr.