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The Parks & Community Services Department offers a wide variety of programs for youth and adults that encourage a positive leisure lifestyle through dance, sports, arts and other enrichment activities. Recreation programs provide opportunities for socialization, personal growth, physical activity, and character building and integrity development.

Parks & Community Services is always looking to expand the services it provides so that it remains responsive to the community and on the cutting edge of current recreation trends. If you or your organization have a particular skill set and would like to share these skills with the community, please contact the Recreation & Community Services Department at (831) 758-7306. Interested in learning more about what the Recreation & Community Services Department has to offer?

Our Programs Include


Youth ages 3 - 5 get their first introduction to recreation through educational and enrichment activities that encourage socialization, imagination and positive play.


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Youth ages 6 - 12 continue to grow through recreational opportunities that provide safe, positive and fun experiences, which foster friendship and encourage mentoring opportunities with adults.


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Youth Ages 12 - 18 enjoy teen oriented spaces along with activities and programs that allow them to express themselves in a positive manner, build relationships and reinforce the value of recreation; and the role it plays in building a positive leisure lifestyle.


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After School

Positive, constructive and enriching after school activities are essential for our youth to develop healthy lifestyles. Recreation programs provide a variety of opportunities for our youth to pursue interests in sports, visual and performing arts, music or dance.


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At-Risk Youth

Positive recreational experiences provide alternatives that are key methods of prevention and intervention for youth ages 6 - 18. Youth learn how to make positive choices through positive reinforcement and by being around good role models.


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Maintaining a positive leisure lifestyle is key to having a fulfilling and meaningful life as an adult. Recreational programs provide adults with a means of stress reduction, physical activity and continued growth through educational opportunities.


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Recreational programs provide an important outlet for seniors and encourage socialization, physical activity and mental well-being.


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