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Registration for Tennis Classes is taken at the Tennis Center. Private lessons from a certified U.S.P.T.A. tennis instructor are available at $50.00 per hour, or $30.00 per 1/2 hour. Assistant instructors are available at reduced rates. Group lessons are available, please call for scheduling.

Junior Lessons

A large junior lesson program is held year-round. There are two sessions per summer. Each has two, one-hour lessons per week. Participants are placed according to age and ability levels and are taught stroke production, strategy, rules and basic tennis etiquette. Half-day camps are also part of this summer junior tennis program. Junior lessons are also available on Saturday mornings all year round.

U.S.A. Tennis 1-2-3 Adult Lesson Program

A new unique national program to help the sport of tennis to grow is designed for beginners or anyone\ who has not played for sometime. Fundamentals in all strokes, singles and doubles strategy, scoring, court etiquette, and regular playing are all apart of this lesson program.

Participants are introduced to low level competition and are encouraged to incorporate more advanced techniques and applications as their abilities dictate. Call for rates & times. Gift Certificates are available so that you can give a gift and provide a great sport and/or activity to someone.

Name Telephone # Address
Central Community Park n/a 420 Central Ave.
Claremont Manor Neighborhood Park n/a 1220 San Fernando Ave.
Laurel Neighborhood Park n/a 340 W. Laurel Dr.
Natividad Creek Park n/a 1395 Nogal Dr.
Sherwood Park Tennis Center (831) 758-7318 930 N. Main St.