Measure G Oversight Committee

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  • Salinas City Hall Rotunda

As set forth in Section 32-94 of the Measure G ordinance, the “Measure G Oversight Committee” has the following attributes and responsibilities:

  • The Committee consists of no fewer than seven members of the public (one member selected by each Council member with the initial Committee appointed by the Council by March 31, 2015);
  • The Committee members shall be either city residents or representatives of businesses located in Salinas;
  • The Committee receives and by May 30 of each year is responsible for reviewing the City auditor’s report and based on their review of the auditor’s report is responsible for issuing a public report to the City Council on the receipt of revenue and expenditure of Measure G funds and such other matters the City Council may assign.

As approved by the City Council on March 31, 2015, the Committee shall meet three times per year:

  • As set forth in Section 32-94 of the Ordinance, before May 30 of each year to “review the auditors’ report, for each year in which the auditors prepare such a report, [for the purpose of issuing] a report to the City Council regarding the use of revenue [from Measure G] and such other matters as the City Council may assign.”
  • Following the City Council’s adoption of the annual budgets (Operating, Capital, Measure V, and Measure G) for the purpose of understanding how the City Council directed the expenditure of Measure G revenues.
  • Prior to the City Council’s adoption of the annual budgets so that City staff can present information to the Committee on Measure G revenues and the Measure G expenditures proposed in the annual Measure G Budget.

The Committee may have additional meetings beyond these three, provided a majority of the Committee requests an additional meeting(s) and the Committee’s request is approved by the Mayor.

All Measure G Oversight Committee meeting agendas and reports are available here. (Legistar)