Inclusionary Housing

The purpose of this ordinance is to:

  • Enhance the public welfare by establishing policies which require the development of housing affordable to households of very low, lower, median, moderate, and workforce incomes. 

  • Assist in meeting the city's share of regional housing needs as mandated by state law. 

  • Offset the demand for affordable housing that is created by new market-rate housing development. 

  • Implement the housing element's goals and objectives. 

Projects Subject to Inclusionary Housing

The Ordinance applies to any project that requires any development permit and will create ten or more dwelling units or lots through either new construction or additions or alterations to existing structures, including: 

  1. New construction of at least ten units of for-sale housing 
  2. Subdivision of property into ten or more lots 
  3. Additions or alterations to existing structures to create ten or more new dwelling units 

Affordable Housing Guidelines

The purpose of the Inclusionary Housing Guidelines is to incorporate provisions of the adopted 2017 Ordinance (Article 3 of Chapter 17 of the Salinas Municipal Code).