Visión Salinas

Visión Salinas: An Integrated Planning Initiative

Visión Salinas worked to combine and strengthen several planning activities both citywide and in specific districts, bringing these under an overarching umbrella. Visión Salinas is ultimately a platform for various city departments and community partners to build a cohesive and accessible future vision that inspires and makes our community members proud to call Salinas home.

Visión Salinas was also the backbone to the City-wide bilingual community visioning and outreach effort for the Guiding Principles (available in English and Spanish) which will shape the City's General Plan Update. For the latest information on the General Plan Update and City's first Climate Action Plan, visit

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Visión Salinas Community Plans


Visión Salinas consists of four bold plans, each working independently, yet collaboratively, to transform and strengthen the future of Salinas.

Alisal Vibrancy Plan

The Alisal Vibrancy Plan is an action-oriented and comprehensive community strategy to address issues and opportunities specific to the Alisal/East Salinas neighborhoods. Through land use mix, urban design, pedestrians and vehicle circulation, public infrastructure, parks, open space, public facilities, and safety, the Alisal Vibrancy Plan seeks to create a robust framework for sustained economic opportunities that lead to an Alisal as a vibrant cultural district for residents and visitors.

Alisal Vibrancy Plan - Final(PDF, 27MB)

Chinatown Revitalization Plan

The Chinatown Revitalization Plan is a coordinated planning effort between the City of Salinas and Chinatown residents, partners, and business owners. This community-led planning process will continue the revitalization of this critical neighborhood located near Downtown Salinas. The process was built on the extensive work from the 2007 and 2010 Plans to develop updated recommendations and implementation strategies to address the housing, access, mobility, and socioeconomic needs of the neighborhood.

Chinatown Revitalization Plan - Final(PDF, 12MB)

Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan

The Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan will guide the City's efforts and establish a path forward for continuing to provide high quality, community-driven parks, recreation facilities and programs and library services serving the Salinas community. The Plan includes a vision for the park, recreation and library system, goals and objectives, a capital investment program, and implementation strategies for parks, programs and services.

Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan - Final(PDF, 7MB)

Parks, Rec, & Libraries Master Plan Appendices - Final(PDF, 10MB)

Public Arts Master Plan

Home to a young, diverse, and vibrant community, Salinas looks to its future as a colorful piece of art. In response to the community’s desire for public art and the expansion of opportunities for artists, City Council approved a Public Art Program ordinance in 2017 to establish and fund public art. The Public Arts Master Plan is a written strategic 10-year plan which supports local artists, artwork and secures the possibility of future public art through 2030.

Public Arts Master Plan - Final(PDF, 6MB)

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Visión Salinas Community Plans