Library and Community Services Commission

The Library & Community Services Commission intent as stated by Salinas Municipal Code Section 3-01.03(b)(2):

      a. To study and recommend ordinances and resolutions for the establishment of administrative rules and regulations governing the operation and use of the Salinas public library facilities. 

      b. To make recommendations to the library and community services director on the library collection development policy and other policies, including, but not limited to, those related to the acquisition of books and other library materials and also including, but not limited to, those related to the study and the recommendation of facility improvements and facility policies. 

      c. To prepare annually, prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, a program of public improvements deemed necessary or desirable to be undertaken during the fiscal year and in line with the long range library development plan.

     d. To study and make recommendations to the council on all matters relating to the sale, lease, rental, operation, improvement, development and beautification of any and all parks and park buildings and facilities owned or controlled by the city.

     e. To advise the council and city manager on the promotion and planning of a comprehensive and adequate recreation-park program for the city. 

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