Historic Resources Board

The Historic Resources Board (HRB) was created on April 27, 2010, by the City Council’s adoption of Ordinance # 2505. The HRB was tasked by Council to protect Salinas’ architectural heritage assets for education, community revitalization and the promotion of heritage tourism. The Board works to protect Salinas’ historic assets listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the State Historic Landmark Register, and the California Register of Historic Resources. The HRB also identifies historic and cultural heritage sites in Salinas which can be featured as visitor or local attractions.

Communities that protect their architectural heritage show higher property values and attract visitors who stay longer and spend more.

In 2012, the Board was successful in obtaining State designation as a Certified Local Government; such designation can facilitate the receipt of federal and state resources available to encourage historic preservation.

In June 2016, the City adopted a five-year Mills Act property tax savings program for designated historic properties. This program grants tax savings to owners of designated historic properties who contract for 10 years to maintain their property's historic characteristics according to the Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

As set out in the enabling ordinance, the Board makes recommendations to staff and to the Planning Commission and City Council regarding the designation, preservation, alteration, and demolition of local historic resources. Serving this role the Board:

  • Implements City policies pertaining to historic resources located in the City,
  • Promotes public education pertaining to historic resources,
  • Considers the use of economic incentives encouraging investment in local historic resources and promoting heritage tourism,
  • Provides guidance to property owners on the restoration, alteration and maintenance of Salinas’ historic resources.

At least two members of the seven-member Board are qualified historians with professional qualifications or credentials in Prehistoric Archeology, Historic Architecture, or Architectural History. Board members are exempt from a residency requirement, however, they should at least be involved in Salinas through their business or employment. Board members may serve until resignation, a successor is appointed, or is removed by the City Council.

Applicants for Board membership should have a demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation, heritage preservation, or heritage tourism. Members of the local business community are needed for their business expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and vision in preserving and then marketing Salinas’ historic sites and heritage assets.

For more information on the Historic Resources Board, you may contact Jessica Shull at (831) 758-7976.

Meeting Schedule

The Historic Resources Board meets once per month on the first Monday, and as announced; subcommittee meetings are held on an "on-call" basis. Subcommittee members need not be Board members. Call (831) 758-7976 for general information or questions regarding agenda and minutes.

2024 HRB Meeting Schedule(PDF, 44KB)

Historic Resources Board Agendas and Minutes

Current Historic Resources Board Agendas and Minutes can be found here.

Historic Resources Board Downloadable Documents